Congo Fever: Deadly ticks carrying Ebola-like virus found in UK and Europe

Deadly ticks that carry an ebola-like virus have been found in the UK after spreading across Europe, health officials have warned. The hyalomma tick was discovered in Dorset last year and was 10 times larger in size than average, as … Read More

The Ebola Outbreak In Congo Is Close To Becoming A Global Emergency

Authored by Dagny Taggart via The Organic Prepper, In recent months, public health experts have claimed the deadly Ebola virus outbreak that has been ravaging the Congo will not become a global health threat. However, recent events and updates paint a less … Read More

Madagascar Plague Death Toll Rises to 195

The plague currently ravaging Madagascar has proved “resilient” to antibiotics because it is extremely rare, an expert has warned. It comes as the death toll for the disease rises to 165 and 10 neighbouring countries are put on alert, according to the … Read More