Germany’s Merkel joins France’s Macron in call for European Union army

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Tuesday for an integrated European Union military, echoing language used by French President Emmanuel Macron last week that infuriated U.S. President Donald Trump. READ MORE: France’s Emmanuel Macron calls for ‘real European army’ in light of United States, … Read More

France’s Macron pushes for ‘true European army’

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President Macron is visiting a series of monuments this week to mark the centenary of the World War One Armistice – Getty Images French President Emmanuel Macron has warned that Europeans cannot be protected without a “true, European army”, as … Read More

Angela Merkel failed, and history won’t judge her kindly for it

Merkel had a last chance to leave behind a coherent union — she has failed. Sean Gallup/Getty Images Angela Merkel has had a profound influence on German politics and could get away with radical changes because she tightly controlled her own party However, Merkel’s inability … Read More

2019: Europe’s year of reckoning

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What with Brexit and EU parliament elections looming, dramatic change could happen in Europe next year, writes Joschka Fischer, a former German foreign minister. Politically, 2019 will be an extraordinarily important year for the European Union. The United Kingdom is … Read More

‘Europe without Angela Merkel is possible’

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Many EU member states did not agree with her refugee policies, others criticized her austerity stance. Brussels now regards Angela Merkel’s step-by-step withdrawal as a chance for new beginnings, says DW’s Bernd Riegert. For many observers in Brussels, the twilight of … Read More

As populism replaces pragmatism, Angela Merkel exits the political stage

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Angela Merkel’s departure means the EU’s future is up for grabs. Angela Merkel has been German Chancellor since 2005 (Source: Getty) While others in Europe were losing their heads, it seemed Merkel was just about keeping hold of hers. Brexit, … Read More

As others condemn Saudi Arabia, Germany takes action

As the Trudeau government faces increasing pressure to cancel a $15 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia — a move that the prime minister warns would leave Canadians “holding a billion-dollar bill” — most other Western countries, with the exception of Germany, … Read More

Russia urges Germany and France to join effort in Syria so refugees can go home

While Washington wants to put more troops in the war-torn Middle Eastern country, Moscow wants to organise a summit with European leaders. Russian President Vladimir Putin gestures during the joint news conference with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Russia has … Read More

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