Germany’s Merkel Heads to Moscow Amid Heightened Global Tensions

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel reads documents after she arrives for the weekly cabinet meeting of the German government at the chancellery in Berlin, Germany, Jan. 8, 2020. LONDON – German Chancellor Angela Merkel is due to travel to Moscow Saturday … Read More

Germany seeks crisis meeting of EU foreign ministers

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BERLIN (Reuters) – German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas called on Sunday for a crisis meeting of his European Union counterparts this week to discuss escalating tension in the Middle East following the killing of a top Iranian military commander in … Read More

2,000 German companies have pulled out of Russia

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German companies are continuing to withdraw from Russia, winding up operations in the wake of US sanctions and the decline of solvent demand. In the five years since Russia annexed Crimea, its relations with the West have deteriorated sharply, and … Read More

German businesses already incurring Brexit losses, says industry boss

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German businesses have already been suffering from the negative effects of Brexit, said Holger Bingmann, head of the foreign trade industry group BGA, pointing out losses to German exporters worth €3.5 billion this year. Prospects of an agreement between the … Read More

German chancellor Angela Merkel’s political party rocked by members’ neo-Nazi link allegations

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There have been several recent far-right terrorist attacks in Germany. Angela Merkel’s center-right party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), has been rocked by accusations that several of its officials maintain ties to far-right, survivalist groups with neo-Nazi links. These allegations come as Germany has … Read More

NATO’s Real Problem: Germany’s Military Is Dying

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Key point: Germany’s military has been vastly underfunded. The modern German armed forces, or Bundeswehr, were created just ten years after the end of World War II. Cold war tensions and the presence of Soviet troops in East Germany, Czechoslovakia … Read More

Kramp-Karrenbauer’s Quest for a meaningful German Army

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In the future, according to the will of Germany’s Defense Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer, the Bundeswehr needs to take much more responsibility and fight side by side with the allies. A noble and long overdue vision. However, does Germany possess military capabilities … Read More

No Place for Right-Wing Extremists in Ranks, German Army Says

FILE – Soldiers attend an oath-taking ceremony of the German army at the Defense Ministry in Berlin, July 20, 2019. As reports about the threat of far-right recruitment among Europe’s law enforcement and military grow, German armed forces, or Bundeswehr, … Read More

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