Tacit Alliance: Russia and China Take Military Partnership to New Level

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Image courtesy of Kremlin.ru. (CC BY 4.0) This article was originally published by the Carnegie Moscow Center on 22 October 2019. By cooperating with China in the military sphere, Russia loses virtually nothing in terms of security, while making life difficult for the United States, strengthening … Read More

Ukraine’s President Seeks Face-to-Face Meeting With Putin

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President Volodymyr Zelensky proposed direct talks with President Vladimir V. Putin, as his American diplomatic backing unraveled in the impeachment scandal. A Ukrainian army press officer at a front line position in Popasna in October.Credit…Brendan Hoffman for The New York … Read More

Russia ‘given Israel’s top interceptor missile’

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A Stunner missile blasts off. Photo: Ministry of Defense Missile technology could be used to defeat Raytheon’s state-of-the-art defense systems Russia has obtained Israel’s most advanced interceptor missile, which could be reverse engineered to crack the latest Israeli and US … Read More

Russia’s Return To The World Stage: The Primakov Doctrine – Analysis

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The Russian Flag International power balance is primarily based on claiming ascendancy on the world stage, which in turn is driven by political imperatives, the prime mover in all initiatives towards claiming power. After the break-up of the Soviet Union, … Read More

Vladimir Putin calls for ‘reliable’ Russian version of Wikipedia

President says user-edited site should be replaced with Big Russian Encyclopaedia  Vladimir Putin was speaking at a Kremlin meeting on the future of the Russian language. Photograph: Alexei Druzhinin/Tass Vladimir Putin has called for the creation of a more “reliable” … Read More

Russia Sets Up A SWIFT Alternative With India, China, & Iran To Connect Over 40% Of World Population

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With Russia and other countries planning a SWIFT alternative, will companies like Ripple see a boost in adoption for cross border payments or will the increased competition drive out these crypto projects? Russia’s SWIFT alternative (SPFS) is all set to … Read More

Russia Ready To Seize Control Of The World’s Largest Oil Reserves

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The Venezuelan government is readying to hand over control over state oil company PDVSA to Russia’s Rosneft, a local newspaper has reported, citing sources from the industry. Russian TASS reports, quoting El Nacional, that the radical move is being discussed as … Read More

Revealed: Russia’s Plan To Destroy U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers In a War

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Designed during the Cold War. Key point: Like the Soviet Union, Russia knows that aircraft carriers are force multipliers for the U.S. military. In the event of World War II, the Soviet Union planned to go after the U.S. Navy’s … Read More

Turkish move into Syria gives Putin a chance to ramp up Middle East role

Analyst: Russia is probably the only player in the room among the grown-ups who can talk with everyone in the room at the same time. Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan shake hands during their … Read More

Pentagon calls Russia as US announces Syria withdrawal

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US Defense Secretary Mark Esper/ Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu ©  REUTERS/Christian Hartmann;  Sputnik/Alexey Druzhinin US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper called his Russian counterpart Sergey Shoigu on Monday, as US President Donald Trump announced the US pullout from northeastern Syria. … Read More

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