The Gospel of the Kingdom

A Message For Our Time and the Twenty-First Century! Millions have heard what they believe is the “gospel.” Most have heard a gospel “about” Jesus Christ, but they have NEVER HEARD the gospel HE BROUGHT! Jesus Christ came preaching the … Read More

Here’s The BEST NEWS You Could Ever Hear!

Your daily news is filled with terrible tragedies; massive earthquakes, violent storms, scandals, murders, terrible traffic accidents, crime and violence, wars or the threat of war—most of the news we hear is BAD news! Yet, nearly 2,000 years ago, a … Read More

What is the Kingdom of God?

Just what IS the “Kingdom of God”? Is it the Church? Is it Great Britain.? Is it the Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages? Is it something “within” twentieth-century Christians? Is it in heaven? Is it, as some skeptics … Read More

What Is The Real Gospel?

What is the “gospel”? Why can’t churches agree on what it is? If they all preach the “gospel,” why are their messages different? Is the “gospel of the Kingdom of God” different from the “gospel … by which also you are saved”? … Read More

What is Your Destiny?

There are hundreds of philosophies about life; library shelves are filled with books on what we human beings are allegedly all about; psychology, philosophy, religion, all try to inspire us-to assuage our grief and frustration-to give us hope. But do … Read More

Why You Were Born?

Can You be Born into the Spirit World? What you are about to read will shock you, for it will challenge age-old concepts about the very purpose of human life. What are you, after all? Are you—the deeply private, thinking, feeling, hoping, … Read More