Netanyahu To Meet With Putin Amid Concerns Over Iran’s Syria Presence

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi on the Black Sea later this week. The meeting will be Netanyahu’s fifth visit to the Russian capital since Moscow intervened in the Syrian civil war … Read More

Opinion Trump and Israel Must Not Conflate North Korea Nuclear Threat With Iran

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Deterring the proliferation of nuclear weapons is a noble goal – one that America and Israel ostensibly share. How to go about doing so is another story “How can dictatorships be deterred from developing operational nuclear arsenals?” This is a … Read More

The rise of Raed Salah, Israel’s Islamist leader who wants Jerusalem at the heart of a caliphate

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The recently rearrested preacher has built a career ‘defending’ Al-Aqsa against Israel’s purported planned takeover, building vast support among Arab Israelis. In 2001, Sheikh Raed Salah did something almost unheard of in the Arab world: He voluntarily relinquished power. Since … Read More

Facing Palestinian criticism, White House says closeness to Israel is an Asset

In the wake of the Temple Mount crisis, can Washington remain an honest broker to peace? Before a shooting on the Temple Mount last month threw the region into a harrowing, if temporary crisis, ​talk of a US-led peace process … Read More

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