Germany coalition talks: Merkel welcomes breakthrough

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Image AFP Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz stressed the need for social cohesion German politicians have achieved a breakthrough in talks aimed at forming a new coalition government. A blueprint for formal negotiations was agreed between Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian … Read More

Israel launches plan to expel thousands of African migrants

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Abir Sultan, pool via AP, File) Jerusalem – Israel on Wednesday began implementing a plan to force tens of thousands of African migrants out of the country by April, threatening to arrest those who stay. … Read More

With unity in peril, EU leaders tackle refugee quotas

People view an installation artwork called Suspended, composed of items of clothing discarded by refugees on their arrival at Lesvos, by artist Arabella Dorman, at St James’s Church on Piccadilly in London, Wednesday Dec. 13, 2017. It is part of … Read More

Merkel gives ground on German migration cap

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BERLIN ––German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed to a demand by her Bavarian allies to seek an annual limit on migration, clearing an obstacle for talks on forming her next government and responding to an electoral surge by the nationalist Alternative … Read More

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