‘Kicks and Punches’: 300 German Police Officers Attacked Trying to Deport Migrants in 2018

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The number of deportees being expelled from Germany is continuing to decline, statistics by the country’s Interior Ministry suggest. While airlines are being blamed for hampering the process, police are reporting that assaults against officers carrying out deportations have become … Read More

Germany plans to fast-track deportations of failed asylum-seekers

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Germany’s Interior Ministry has proposed new measures to monitor and deport failed asylum-seekers. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has said he is also looking at ways to repatriate known criminals to Syria. The German Interior Ministry on Sunday confirmed plans to facilitate … Read More

Thousands of deportations fail due to lack of papers

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Last year there were 65,000 people whose lack of travel documents prevented them from being deported from Germany. Now, though, people who don’t cooperate in obtaining new passports will be punished. Then 41 and from Nigeria, John (not his real … Read More