Global desert: Drought turning the planet into a tinderbox

Drought is turning many areas of the globe into arid wastelands. Excessive heat has cost lives, ruined crops and created water shortages. The effects are being felt from South America to the Arctic Circle. Australia: ‘Land of drought’ Australian Prime … Read More

Drought hits Cape citrus farmers hardest

As the drought continues and with weather forecasters not foreseeing prospects of good rains in the coming three months, farmers in the Eastern Cape, one of the six provinces already declared a disaster area, fear the termination of their long-term … Read More

WHO: South Africa’s listeriosis outbreak ‘largest ever’

Listeriosis is one of the serious food-borne illnesses you can contract from bacteria. Johannesburg – The World Health Organisation has said South Africa’s Listeria outbreak, with nearly 750 confirmed cases, is believed to be the largest-ever outbreak of the bacterial … Read More

5 deadly diseases that could hit South Africa

Reports of the recent plague outbreak in Madagascar were scary. But what about other diseases and epidemics we should be looking out for?   These are the diseases that could probably strike SA.  ~  On 26 October 2017 Health24 reported … Read More