Jordan in crucible of Middle East peace deal and Syrian refugee crisis

Getty Images Al-Buwayda is a quiet, dusty town on the road from Irbid in northern Jordan to Mafraq. It was here that the wave of Syrian refugees who fled fighting crested in 2015. The population of the area doubled from 95,000 to … Read More

Germany deports over 8,000 asylum seekers to other EU members in Jan-Nov of 2018:report

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Germany has deported a record number of 8,658 asylum seekers to other European Union (EU)members from January to the end of November in 2018, according to a response by the Interior Ministry to an inquiry by Germany’s left party (Die … Read More

Turkey needs greater burden-sharing in managing Syrian refugee crisis

Turkey has maintained an open-door policy since the start of the Syrian conflict and now hosts 3.6 million refugees. Representatives of international humanitarian organisations underlined the need for a greater sharing of the refugee burden during a symposium held at the UK parliament on May … Read More

Psychologically Treating The Refugee Crisis In Europe – OpEd

Refugees arriving in Spain. Photo Credit: Pool Moncloa/Jorge Villar As you’re probably aware, extreme nationalist and populist voices are coming out of the woodwork all over Europe right now. Those voices are dangerous not only to a unified Europe, but a fiercely … Read More