France’s Covid-19 lockdown poses conundrum for homeless and migrants

Two men sleep at a homeless camp on March 20, 2020 in a street of Lyon, southeastern France, as a strict lockdown is in effect to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 caused by the novel Coronavirus. The number of … Read More

Greeks no longer want migrants, says Czech ambassador to Athens

Greeks dislike that people from Afghanistan, Congo, Somalia, and Iraq are trying to reach the EU, while Syrians make up only five percent of the migrants. Not only is Greece is in control of the migrant crisis at the Greek-Turkish … Read More

Britain must take in refugee children stranded between Turkey and Greece, campaigners demand

A child walks next to tends in a migrant camp set up near the Turkish-Greek border in Pazarkule, Edirne region CAMPAIGNERS are demanding that the British government follow the example of other EU countries and urgently take in child refugees … Read More

Citizen patrols ward off ‘invasion’ on Greek-Turkish border

The river Evros, which forms a natural border between Greece and Turkey, is once again a migrant flashpoint for the two neighbours (AFP Photo/Sakis MITROLIDIS) Greek soldiers — but also armed citizen groups — patrol the banks of the river … Read More

Erdogan warns Europe to expect millions of migrants

Refugees and migrants gather on the Turkish side of the closed Kastanies border crossing, on the borderline between Greece and Turkey, near the Evros River, in an attempt to cross into Greece, 02 March 2020. Thousands of refugees and migrants … Read More

Crisis Escalates at Turkey-Greece Border

Thousands of refugees are trying to enter the European Union after Turkey declared it would no longer stop them. Refugees and migrants wait before they attempt to enter Greece from Turkey on March 2 in Edirne, Turkey. BURAK KARA/GETTY IMAGES Here … Read More

EU reports significant increase in asylum applications

Figures have increased for the first time since the refugee influx in 2015. However, not all countries of origin have the same acceptance rates. Asylum applications in the EU increased from 2018 to 2019 by 13%, according to figures released … Read More

Bosnian minister: 100,000 migrants on their way to the EU

When the weather imrpoves, some migrants might get on the move, says Peter Van der Auweraert, regional coordinator of the International Organization for Migration. Fahrudin Radoncic, the Bosnian security minister, is warning the European Union that there might be up … Read More

Orbán tells Pellegrini: ‘It’s forbidden to say so in Europe, but migration is an organized invasion’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his Slovak counterpart Peter Pellegrini inspected the Hungarian-Serbian border on Thursday, one of the main obstacles for migrants attempting to enter Europe via the Balkans immigration route to Europe, with Slovakia renewing its commitment … Read More

Greece to speed up creation of migrant holding centers to ease tension

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ATHENS (Reuters) – Greece plans to accelerate the creation of detention centers on its outlying islands in the Aegean Sea after a backlash against overcrowded camps by some migrants and nearby residents. Authorities said on Monday they would proceed with … Read More

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