First lava, now ballistic projectiles. Explosive eruptions added to list of fears for Hawaii residents

(CNN)Zivile Roditis has spent the last week anxiously watching the Kilauea volcano, belching and churning molten lava into her neighborhood in Leilani Estates. Now experts fear Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano is at risk of explosive eruptions that could emit “ballistic projectiles,” … Read More

Magnitude 6.3 Quake strikes off Papua New Guinea, no tsunami threat

The latest quake comes as Papua New Guinea struggles to get aid to desperate survivors of the 26 February quake, which flattened whole villages and spoiled water supplies. A seismograph measures seismic activity. Picture: AFP SYDNEY – A 6.3 magnitude … Read More

Yellowstone volcano eruption warning: Huge earthquake swarm is now longest ever recorded

The usually peaceful volcano has now experienced some 2,750 tremors since June 12 which could indicate that it is ready to burst back into life. This is the second most active swarm of quakes since records began. The US Geological … Read More

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