Hawaii volcano eruption: Kilauea shoots lava 180ft into air and shows NO sign of stopping

HAWAII’S relentless Kilauea volcano is spitting deadly lava up to 180ft into the air six weeks since the monster first began its terrifying eruption sparking fears the devastation is far from over. In the latest update from the US Geological … Read More

Residents stranded with no power and water in area cut off by lava in Hawaii

(CNN)Nearly a dozen people are stranded in an area cut off by lava following “vigorous eruptions” from the Kilauea volcano, Hawaii authorities announced Sunday. Hawaii Civil Defense Service officials said they went through the neighborhood to warn residents this was … Read More

Hawaii volcano eruption: What is causing blue flames?

PAHOA, Hawaii (Reuters) – A rising tide of lava turned a Hawaii street into a smoking volcanic wasteland on Friday, destroying at least eight homes as residents stood on the road and watched their houses burn. Blue flames of methane … Read More

Kilauea explosion ash cloud reached up to 10,000 feet

(CNN)A small explosion from the Halemaumau crater in Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano at about midnight local time created an ash cloud that reached up to 10,000 feet, according to an alert from the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. More explosive events like the … Read More

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