Opinion Trump Has No Coherent Strategy on Iran. Astonishingly, nor Does Israel

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The U.S. president thinks he’s denuclearized North Korea without dismantling a single bomb. Israel simply can’t risk a similar White House ‘success’ with Iran, but war can’t be its only option either. Israeli Air Force F-15 planes fly during an … Read More

Iran says ‘No one can destroy our missile power,’ not even the U.S. Military

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A senior Iranian military official has warned the U.S. that his armed force’s missile development and regional influence was too powerful to be dismantled even in the event of a direct conflict. Brigadier General Hossein Salami, deputy commander of the … Read More

Mike Pompeo lays out steep terms for Iran nuclear treaty

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Mike Pompeo outlines 12 demands to be included in new treaty with Tehran, including removing all its forces from Syria. The US secretary of state has outlined a series of steep demands to be included in a new nuclear treaty … Read More

Trump announces decision to “withdraw” from Iran nuclear deal

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President Trump rolled out his much-anticipated decision to “withdraw” from the Iran nuclear deal, in keeping with a longtime campaign promise. The president claimed Tuesday that there is Israeli intelligence proving Iran is not in compliance with the agreement. Mr. … Read More

John Bolton and Washington’s Iran policy industry

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Bolton is only a by-product of a general policy environment in Washington continually primed to directly confront Iran. In a social media post late on March 22, Trump announced that Bolton will replace Lieutenant General HR McMaster as his chief … Read More

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