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Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 19 April 2019

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Greetings from Tyler,

We observed the Lord’s Supper in the auditorium here in Tyler last evening, conducted by Mr. Stan Roberts and Mr. Tony Brazil. Several visitors have already arrived for the Holy Day weekend and many more are arriving today. To see a calendar of planned events, look at page 23 in the latest edition of the TCW magazine.

Right up front, we’d like to ask for urgent prayers on behalf of Mr. Lee Cline of Montana. After conducting a Passover service he collapsed with what has been diagnosed as a leaking aorta. Doctors give him no more than a couple of days at most, and Mr. Cline has declined a major invasive surgery that comes with no guarantees. Mr. and Mrs. Cline are members of longstanding, and both have been enthusiastically helpful every year at the Feast of Tabernacles at Lake Tahoe.

Only a couple of days ago we learned of the sudden and shocking death of Mr. Trevor Smith of Scotland. He’s been a primary organizer and Minister for our English feast site in Kendal, Cumbria, along with Mr. Anthony Miles. Mr. Miles tells us that there is sufficient help for the feast to go on as planned in Kendal, Cumbria. But Mr. Smith’s unexpected passing has left his family in a state of shock and grief, and we hope they’ll be remembered in your prayers.

While the flames still raged, we saw the burning Notre Dame Cathedral used to illustrate what is happening in France and across Europe. Cathedrals are frequented by tourists, but not so much by parishioners. Christianity, or what passed for it, has been rendered all but illegal and replaced by socialist dogma, and not only in France. What really takes the cake is that the pope has been the one pushing open borders, making refugees a religious sacrament and trying to meld Catholicism with Islam. The video of him kissing the feet of the Sudanese delegation in Rome was, shall we say, a breach of traditional protocol, and it’s not the first time.

Parisians were traumatized by the vision of the burning steeple of Notre Dame leaning, then crumbling through the gutted roof. Almost immediately French President Macron pledged that the landmark would be rebuilt, regardless of cost. French billionaires went public to pledge millions to the cause. But there has been a smoldering anger over EU policies and official indifference to economic concerns in France. The “yellow vest” protests and riots have shut down Paris’ popular boulevards and lucrative tourist hot spots every weekend for months over a “social emergency,” officially acknowledged by Macron last December. Now the yellow vest crew is outraged about the quick response to spend whatever is necessary to restore the Cathedral while their concerns are ignored. The protests/riots are expected to grow in size and intensity. What happens this weekend will be a clue. But that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to economic and social trouble brewing all across the European Union. If and when Britain succeeds in its long awaited exit from the EU, things will get even worse.

Here at home the dishonest news media is writhing around the clock over the release of the long-awaited Mueller Report. Anchors and their panels of experts, up to nine at a time, nod at each other like a bunch of rear window bobble heads over the OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE direction they’ve all taken. They don’t even seem to notice that the RUSSIAN COLLUSION charge they’ve been stoking since President Trump’s inauguration was completely fabricated, not to mention the thousands of network hours dedicated to non-existent “evidence.” Even the legal team of Trump-haters and forty FBI agents could establish nothing of the sort after issuing 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, and interviews with some 500 witnesses. Over a half million articles have been published alleging Trump/Russia collusion. Tens of millions of taxpayer dollars were expended while the whole nation and the rest of the world waited expectantly for the hammer to fall on the President.

The fraudulent media assured their audiences that President Trump would be forced to resign in disgrace, a theme that has not relented to this day. They don’t even seem to notice that the whole premise of the weighty investigation has been knocked out from under them. And that by a corrupt team of lawyers who wanted nothing more than to end the Trump presidency. No, they haven’t missed a beat. Now they’ve got a “pattern of behavior” they want to use for impeachment.

So let’s get this straight. The original accusation has been proven totally false. The falsely accused Trump saw the country and his presidency hobbled by fake news and a non-stop drumbeat for his ouster. He lashed out, threatening to use his Constitutionally legitimate power to put an end to the whole charade. It would have been a perfectly reasonable response, and probably should have been done. But his aids and advisors, ever cautious about repercussions and ramifications, talked him out of it. The fact that he talked seriously (probably ranted and raved, as did many of us) about putting an end to the nonsense means that he should be impeached for obstruction of justice. If he had fired everybody in sight it would in fact have been obstruction of an INJUSTICE. But here we are, nearly three years into this made-up story and it dominates all other concerns on earth, as far as the fraudulent media is concerned. As the Bible predicted, “Truth has fallen in the streets.”

Maybe this wouldn’t be such a big deal if President Trump wasn’t the only bulwark standing between us and socialist rule, and the United States the only nation in all of Western civilization that has not (yet) completely sold its soul to global warming, open borders, big government mandates and anti-God claptrap. If the American Constitution should get revoked and the U. S. follows in the path of the other emasculated nations descended from Abraham, it will be an enduring curse that will contribute to lawlessness, squalor, wars, dare we say tribulation, worldwide.


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