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Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 8 February 2019


Greetings from Tyler,

We probably should have known that the bumbling Jean-Claude Junker was neither the brains nor the primary driver of European Union policy. No, the puppet master is Martin Selmayr, now Secretary General of the European Commission, formerly a German civil servant.   He is described as the most powerful and feared individual in Europe.   He’s played hardball with Britain, making an exit from the EU all but impossible, demanding 39 billion pounds as the price of withdrawal.

He’s described as fervently anti-American.   He’s dead serious about an EU army.   He was instrumental in the deal that handed Germany the leading role in the European Union. Even members of the European Parliament are fearful of this guy, and are afraid that he has taken over.

He intends to make of the EU the kind of supranational/globalist entity, the United States of Europe that sounds very much like the kind of power foretold in Bible prophecy.   He was the individual behind what has been called the German takeover of Europe and its institutions. His grandfathers on both sides were generals under Hitler.   No wonder Brexit hit a wall.

You don’t need to be told. The mainstream news media is not just biased, but involved in willful deception on a daily basis. They’ve bought in to the most radical posture imaginable, and that is that the United States must complete the transformation set in motion by the former president.   It means uninhibited immigration.   Obama himself is on record saying otherwise, as are nearly all the anti-ICE, anti-border patrol chorus, though they’ve changed their positions now that their masks have been discarded.

The State of the Union speech and reactions illustrate the great divide that exists, and a great deal more for those familiar with current controversies. One side cheered talk of limitations on abortion, the other sat expressionless.   The President finally got a positive reaction when he mentioned the progress of women and how many are now members of congress.   The white-robed contingent thought it would be in good taste to stand and raucously applaud in self-congratulation.   It may be that was the President’s method of getting them off their hands, and it worked.

Our domestic news is, as has been the case for two years and counting, just around the corner from impeachment, forced resignation or criminal prosecution. No stone will be left unturned, and the committees are on it with at least a dozen investigations that will dominate mainstream news unless or until the tables are turned.   We’re all hoping that Robert Barr (nominated for AG) is a man of honor and will see to it that we have only one set of laws that are applied equally and must be followed, even by the untouchables.

Anarchy remains in Venezuela, once the wealthiest nation in South America, reduced to poverty and starvation by socialism and corruption.   It may well not end peacefully, though we pray it does.   Maduro may want a war with his detractors.   The United States has endorsed his opponent Guiado, but Russia supports Maduro and purportedly has private contractors protecting him.

As the final disaster of socialism plays out to our South, the doctrines of socialism are being preached with great authority and emotion by people with bulging eyes and idiotic gesticulations.   They are the darlings of the media, and we’ll probably have to get off the grid to avoid the insanity of the Green Dream. No more traditional energy in ten years? Rebuild or retrofit ever building from coast to coast?   As Chris Plante said this morning, they want to turn our country into Gilligan’s Island.   Not a single luxury, just like Robinson Crusoe it’s primitive as can be, or lyrics you might remember.   Won’t it be glorious? Enjoy your Sabbath.   We need it now more than ever.


Source: http://www.intercontinentalcog.org/fridayupdates.php