» » » World War 3 is now ‘CLOSER than ANY TIME’ since the Cuban Missile Crisis, claims expert

World War 3 is now ‘CLOSER than ANY TIME’ since the Cuban Missile Crisis, claims expert

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WORLD WAR 3 is “closer than any time” since the Cuban Missile Crisis after the Salisbury crisis that saw Sergei Skripal and his daughter poisoned by a military-grade nerve agent, it has been claimed.

Phil Butler, a geopolitical analyst, issued the stark warning and explained that the Theresa May’s strong response to Moscow, combined with the appointment of John Bolton as Donald Trump’s new National Security Advisor could make for a new world war.

He said: “Looking at President Trump’s seeming eagerness to jump on board, combined with his appointing the psychotic John Bolton as National Security Advisor, the picture does not look good at all.

“The level of aggression has simply ratcheted up many notches. I am sure this is why Mr Putin warned the world of Russia’s new and devastating weapons.

“The Kremlin surely knows more than any of the rest of us. Short answer, World War 3 is closer than at any time since US President Kennedy and Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev sorted things out.”

Mr Butler then launched an attack on the UK’s response to the Salisbury poisoning by stating that the “West has unleashed a large scale onslaught on every front against Russia and President Vladimir Putin”.

The analyst then continued to defend the actions of Russia by labelling the poisoning of Mr Skripal and his daughter as a “chemical weapons charade” that is part of a wider ranging plan targeted against Moscow.

He went on: “The UK chemical weapons charade is just part of a plan involving widespread cyber-attacks, social and political assaults, media manipulation, and real strategic and tactical elements.

“Take for example the Israeli hype over Gaza incursions and presumed Hezbollah intercessions. Look at the whole spectrum, and you see what I mean.”

Mr Butler then suggested that Theresa May’s strong response to Mr Putin is an excuse for the UK to create a wave of opposition against the Russian World Cup and the recently approved Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

He went on: “Yes, this is exactly what is happening.

“While Nord Stream and other facets are important, but the World Cup is where the liberal order has put Mr. Putin in a tough position.

“I am sure he will parry this stab, but think about empty stadiums and the gut punch this would be.

“Putin’s response to this, if it happens, has to be perfect or the world gets split down the middle.”

Nations around the globe joined Theresa May in expelling Russian diplomats, marking a sign of solidarity against aggression from Moscow.

Mr Putin is set to announce his response to the slew of expulsions in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Mrs May has promised clear action against Russian cyber warfare initiatives by announcing the Fusion Doctrine that is set to counter threats in the new military realm.

The move will surely reinforce the strong signals that have been sent to Vladimir Putin since the Salisbury incident.