Russia to continue supporting Cuba’s development plan

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Guantanamo, Cuba, Dec 6 (Prensa Latina) Russian Ambassador to Cuba Andrey Guskov stated in this easternmost Cuban region that his country will continue to support the island’s development plan through collaboration in different economic sectors. Guskov said that this cooperation … Read More

What are Russia, Iran and Cuba doing in Venezuela?

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When about 100 Russian servicemen and military equipment were reportedly flown into Venezuela in late March, US President Donald Trump’s response was to declare that ‘Russia has to get out’. Moscow refused, saying that the troops would stay ‘as long as needed’ and that they were … Read More

Pentagon Mulling New Venezuela Options to Deter Russia, China & Cuba – Report

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On Monday, the Russian Foreign Ministry slammed US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s recent allegations related to Moscow’s “intervention in Venezuela” as unacceptable. China, in turn, berated Pompeo for his claims that Beijing’s friendship with Latin American countries is “pretended”. … Read More

U.S. ready to take on Russia, China, Iran and other ‘foreign powers’ in Venezuela, John Bolton Says

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President Donald Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton has warned nations seen as obstacles to U.S. plans for Latin America that they must leave Venezuela and stop defending the socialist government opposed by the Trump administration. Venezuela’s economic crisis boiled … Read More

Weekly Update from Mark Armstrong – 22 February 2019

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Greetings from Tyler, Has anybody seen about enough glamor shots of the bearded boy no one had ever heard of three weeks ago? Maybe they could just stick with his mug shot, though it looks like he feigned the same … Read More

Secret JFK files to be released by U.S. government

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Is America about to find out the truth about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy? On Thursday, the government is due release its final batch of secret files relating to the assassination, the majority of which will come from … Read More

U.S. expels 15 Cuban diplomats over mysterious health ‘attacks’ on Americans in Havana

The State Department ordered 15 Cuban diplomats Tuesday to leave the United States from its Washington embassy, a move prompted by the mysterious illness affecting U.S. diplomatic personnel and family members in Havana. The U.S. last week decided to cut … Read More

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