How the Refugee Crisis, Israel and Trump Tore Germany’s Radical Left Apart

New political issues have unhinged the worldview of the German radical left, which has become complex-ridden and divided. It wasn’t Nazi Germany that sealed European Jews’ fate The Israeli dreaming of opening a capsule hotel near Berlin’s Berghain club Alexandria … Read More

German Jews call for anti-Semitism classes for Muslim immigrants

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Germany’s federation of Jews says Muslim immigrants need special classes to counter anti-Semitic beliefs. They also condemned the AfD for normalizing anti-Semitism in Germany. Germany’s Central Council of Jews on Sunday called for combating anti-Semitism among new Muslim immigrants through education. … Read More

Analysis Merkel Wants to Talk High-tech in Israel, but Iran and Palestinians May Dampen Mood

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The German chancellor is in Israel hoping to improve economic ties between the two countries. But a Bedouin village and the Gaza Strip could cast a large shadow over proceedings this week. Merkel and the Netanyahus at their home, October … Read More

Mike Huckabee: Israel needs our support and prayers now more than ever

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FILE — American and Israeli flags.  (REUTERS/Amir Cohen) Every time I experience Israel, I feel a sense of serenity, holiness and kinship that I find nowhere else. This must be what makes me keep coming me back. I have been … Read More

Anti-Semitism 2.0: Online hate speech is spreading and radicalizing

Analysts say the firestorm over data hijacking has helped users wake up to how social media information is used by marketers and others  Oli SCARFF (AFP/File) Anti-Semitic expression can be found in all corners of the internet – in news reporting, … Read More

Germany’s Justice Minister Katarina Barley warns of rising anti-Semitism

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“Anti-Semitism is becoming socially acceptable again,” said Katarina Barley. Her statements came in the wake of an anti-Semitic attack that shocked Berlin. Germany’s Justice Minister Katarina Barley warned about rising anti-Semitism on Saturday following an assault on a young man wearing a … Read More

German theater under probe for promising free tickets to those donning swastika

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A theater is under investigation for promising free entry to spectators who wear a swastika to a play named after Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.” The theater has defended the move as a social experiment. German prosecutors have launched a probe … Read More

Rappers who call for “another Holocaust” win top German music award

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Munich and Bavaria Jewish community leader says decision to award trophy to Kollegah and Bang is “devastating” Bang and Kollegah A German-Jewish leader condemned a music award given to two popular rappers as a “devastating” example of the normalcy of anti-Semitism … Read More

I Will Honour Victims Of The Holocaust By Helping Refugees

My personal connection to the Holocaust is what motivates my ongoing involvement with refugee causes today. When I was a child in the 1970s, we used to visit my Great Uncle Sam and Auntie Goldie at their little house in … Read More

Germany’s immigrant community calls for better state support

The recent spate of mosque attacks and a rise in hate crime has immigrants in Germany sounding the alarm. Community leaders are calling for more support and understanding from state authorities, including the police. “I’m really concerned,” said Raed Saleh, … Read More

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