Greece’s new war on refugees: Clearing squatters in Athens

In the early morning of Aug. 26, dozens of asylum seekers and migrants woke up to the frightening sound of a helicopter buzzing above them. Greek riot police were stationed outside, ready to evict them from two buildings that had … Read More

Hundreds of Iranian and Afghan Refugees Thrown out on the Streets of Athens

Refugees staged a sit-in outside the Greek parliament in Athens, demanding shelter Just before Easter, police in Athens raided a building where a group of refugees had been sheltering, arrested several of them and sent the rest either to camps … Read More

Greece: Many killed in forest fires near Athens

Major wildfires on either side of Athens are raging out of control, with at least 74 people reported dead. People evacuated to beaches and into the sea, where coast guard boats struggled to rescue them. At least 74 people have … Read More