Germany bans Hezbollah, raids mosques

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A police officer walks out of Al-Irschad Mosque during a raid in Berlin, as dozens of police and special forces stormed mosques and associations linked to Hezbollah in Bremen, Berlin, Dortmund, and Muenster early Thursday. – AFP – Odd Andersen … Read More

China denies spreading coronavirus disinformation following EU report

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BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s foreign ministry on Monday denied claims that Beijing is spreading disinformation about the coronavirus following a European Union report that said there was “significant evidence” of covert Chinese operations on social media. “China is opposed to … Read More

Germany to start first coronavirus vaccine trial

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With more than 2.5 million people now infected worldwide in the COVID-19 pandemic, Germany has authorized the first clinical trial of a coronavirus vaccine. The first human tests will begin before the end of April. German Health Minister Jens Spahn … Read More

Coronavirus will make life hard for a long time, Angela Merkel says

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Despite positive developments in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel has cautioned that the pandemic has only just begun. She also said Germany should be prepared to open its pocketbook to help the EU. The decision to impose restrictions on public life … Read More

COVID-19 and the EU: crisis too far or transformative moment?

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Will the COVID-19 pandemic prompt the EU to take the decisive integrative steps that it failed to take in the context of the Eurozone crisis? Or will this be a crisis too far? The COVID-19 pandemic poses an existential threat … Read More

Europe needs €1.5 TRILLION to recover or single market could ‘break in two’ – EU economy commissioner

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FILE PHOTO. ©  Global Look Press / The European Union urgently requires financial injections to stay afloat and survive the coronavirus epidemic currently ravaging the continent, the European commissioner for the economy, Paolo Gentiloni, has warned. A whopping €1.5 … Read More

Europe has relied on Turkey to stem another migration crisis. That plan backfired.

This is the story behind the clashes at the Greek border. Migrants wait to board a ferry in the port of Mytilene, on the island of Lesbos, Greece, on March 20. (Vangelis Papantonis/AP) In the midst of Europe’s coronavirus problem, a new border … Read More

Coronavirus: Germany tightens curbs and bans meetings of more than two

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EPA Germany has expanded curbs on social interactions to try to contain the coronavirus outbreak, banning public gatherings of more than two people. In a televised address, Chancellor Angela Merkel said “our own behavior” was the “most effective way” of … Read More

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