Council of confusion

Pope Francis leads the 18th meeting of his Council of Cardinals at the Vatican. CNS FILE PHOTO/L’OSSERVATORE ROMANO Beset by controversy, the pope’s ‘kitchen cabinet’ of advisers is a distracted bunch According to William Shakespeare, “the course of true love never … Read More

Conference on Confusion in the Church: Final Declaration

Gianpaolo Barra, editor of the Italian Catholic monthly ‘Il Timone’, reads the declaration at the conference. The six-point profession of faith, titled ‘We testify and confess,’ reaffirms the Church’s unchanging teaching in key areas. Cardinals, bishops, priests and lay faithful … Read More

Pope Francis Says His Words ‘Overrule The Bible’

Pope Francis has responded to claims that many of his teachings “contradict Bible teachings” by saying that his words “overrule” anything written in the Bible. The pope has further angered traditional Christians in recent weeks by developing the habit of … Read More

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