Are Christians “Under the Law”?

“Stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us FREE,” shouted the evangelist to the “amens” of the audience. One of the last things any Christian would want to believe is that he is “under the Law.” Surely any Christian person … Read More

The Ten Commandments

All of us know there is something terribly wrong with our world. Only an unthinking, uncaring person could fail to be concerned over the rising tide of crime, political assassinations and international terrorism that makes up much of our news today. Despite … Read More

“To Eat, or Not to Eat…?” That is the Question

Are the so-called “dietary laws” of the Bible merely “Jewish” restrictions, and not to be observed by  Christians? Millions of professing Christians eat pork products, seafood of all kinds, rabbits, squirrels, even rattlesnake. Most believe the “dietary laws” have long … Read More

Was God’s Law in Force Before Sinai?

Did Christ come to DO AWAY with His Father’s law? Was one of the major purposes for Christ’s sojourn on earth to “nail the law to the cross”? Millions assume Jesus Christ came as a “reformer,” to DO AWAY with … Read More