ANSWER to Unanswered Prayer

CHAPTER ONE “O God, where are You when I need You?” Each day, millions pray. In China, Japan, Southeast Asia, prayers are recited in Buddhist temples, Shintoist pagodas; prayer wheels turn in dozens of Nepalese streams. In Europe, Central and … Read More

Betrayal and Forgiveness

Why are we commanded to “afflict our souls” by fasting on the Day of Atonement? What is so solemn, so somber, about this day that it requires fasting? Here, from your own Bible, is the truth about the Day of Atonement. The … Read More

Hero Worship and Idolatry

It’s a multi-billion dollar business, embracing films, video movies, TV soaps, books, magazines and newspapers—the business of attempting to satisfy the insatiable appetites of millions of people who wish to know every detail possible about the private lives of their … Read More

How to Get Rid of GUILT

Guilty! It’s the way millions feel. Guilt feelings—bearing shameful memories, being unable to rid oneself of haunting doubts—are standard fare for too many people. They are also fertile ground for cults whose leaders exploit these feelings of guilt for their … Read More

How To Have A Happy Marriage

A nation is only as strong as its family unit. Today, divorce decrees outstrip marriage licenses in many big cities. Millions of Americans have “live-in” mates, freely cohabiting together without legal sanction, without full commitment. Millions of single parents strive … Read More

Is It a Sin to Observe Birthdays?

To many a churchgoing, professing Christian, the question above appears ludicrous. To suggest that something so innocent appearing as birthday observance is sinful is like attacking America, Mom and apple pie! Yet there are those who insist there are Bible … Read More

Money and the Judas Syndrome

Outrageous taxes and tax abuses have not ensured any nation’s prosperity. What is the key to national financial health and security? What can be the results of ignoring God’s laws regarding money? How did money figure in Judas’ attitude of … Read More

Oh God, Where Were You When I Needed You?

The family was shocked beyond comprehension! Caught in a snowstorm in Alaska, they had kept their heater running. The snow had piled high around the car and, without their knowledge, deadly carbon monoxide had seeped into the automobile. The gas—heavier … Read More

The Pain And The Joy Of Repentance!

True repentance can be one of the most PAINFUL of all mental, emotional, and spiritual experiences! It can also be the most JOYFUL, once the agony and pain have been endured! With world conditions the way they are, it behooves … Read More

“To Eat, or Not to Eat…?” That is the Question

Are the so-called “dietary laws” of the Bible merely “Jewish” restrictions, and not to be observed by  Christians? Millions of professing Christians eat pork products, seafood of all kinds, rabbits, squirrels, even rattlesnake. Most believe the “dietary laws” have long … Read More

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