Hawaii volcano eruption: How bad is the collapse explosion at Kilauea volcano’s summit?

HAWAII’S Kilauea volcano has been erupting for more than two months and is showing no sign of slowing down. How bad is the collapse explosion at Kilauea volcano’s summit? Continued lava flows, earthquakes and slumping caused by Kilauea have devastated … Read More

Tremors change life in Volcano: With no end in sight, stress levels rise

John Broward, chief ranger for Hawaii Volcanoes National Park If the lights by the window shake, it’s a magnitude 3. If the water sloshes out of the catchment tank, it’s a magnitude 5. Living in a village rocked by hundreds … Read More

Hawaii volcano’s toll nears 600 homes destroyed by lava; no end in sight

The number of homes and structures destroyed by lava on Hawaii’s Big Island has jumped to nearly 600 — making the Kilauea eruption the most catastrophic event in modern state history, Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim said Thursday. Kim, who … Read More

Volcano ERUPTION WARNING: Tens of volcano earthquakes RUMBLING around the world

A LARGE number of earthquakes have been felt beneath volcanoes across the world, sparking fears of major eruptions, so are any volcanoes erupting and could there be a violent explosion?   In Hawaii a total of 18 earthquakes have been … Read More