EU’s Solution to ‘Refugee Crisis’ Involves Outsourcing Responsibilities

A recent summit saw the domestic contradictions in EU nations coming to the fore; the focus is increasingly on getting Turkey and Libya to stop those fleeing from conflict. In the last week of June, political developments within Germany and … Read More

Refugees increasingly entering Greece via land routes

Greek police detained 1,658 refugees and migrants in March after they crossed the border from Turkey by land. A barbed wire fence sits on the Greek-Turkish border [File: Reuters] Athens, Greece – A growing number of refugees and migrants are reaching Greece via land routes … Read More

IOM: Refugees dying at quicker rate in Mediterranean

Rights groups concerned as likelihood of drowning increases on ‘most dangerous’ route and as conditions worsen in Libya. Refugees and migrants are dying in the Mediterranean at a quicker rate than last year, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has … Read More