Continually, the media tells us we are fighting a “war against terrorism,” or fighting “The War in Afghanistan.” We are told that “Iraq may be next,” and told of the latest rejection by Saddam Hussein of President Bush’s insistence that … Read More

Greatest Time Of World Trouble In History!

For decades, I have shouted a witness and a warning to our nations that a time of “GREAT TRIBULATION” is prophesied to strike our people! Daniel was told “And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which … Read More


WHY Such Hatred In The Mideast? What Are The Real ROOTS Of The Conflict, And What Does Bible PROPHECY Say About the Final Outcome? Why do the Arabs hate the Jews? Why do so many Jews hate the Arabs? Why the continual … Read More

“Murder” – Or An Act of War?

It was Saturday night in Israel. In downtown Jerusalem, hundreds of young teenagers were thronging the busiest part of the city; a brightly lit collection of shops and restaurants when a young Arab, with perhaps up to two kilos of … Read More

Why Kids Kill!

Always, in the aftermath of another deadly slaughter of classmates in the latest school massacre, parents, teachers, fellow students and the media plaintively ask WHY? The interviews are as predictable as spring — “But he was such a good kid.” … Read More

Will They Soon Clone Human Beings?

The world was startled recently when it was revealed Scottish scientists had “cloned an adult sheep.” Exited, frenetic news reports flashed around the world. Major networks quickly called together panels representing Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish religious leaders to discuss the … Read More