Could Jesus Have Sinned?

Was Christ unable to sin? Was there no struggle involved in His 33 1/2 years of tabernacling in human flesh? Today, some are plunging into error, teaching that it was utterly impossible for Christ to commit sin. If this is true, then you and I have no Savior! Here is … Read More

Is It a Sin to Observe Birthdays?

To many a churchgoing, professing Christian, the question above appears ludicrous. To suggest that something so innocent appearing as birthday observance is sinful is like attacking America, Mom and apple pie! Yet there are those who insist there are Bible … Read More

What the Bible Says About HOMOSEXUALITY

Only a few decades ago, etiquette precluded the subject of homosexuality from polite conversation. Most parents chose to protect their young children from exposure to such discussion. Today it is unavoidable. The “gay” movement has succeeded in forcing the issue … Read More

Why Kids Kill!

Always, in the aftermath of another deadly slaughter of classmates in the latest school massacre, parents, teachers, fellow students and the media plaintively ask WHY? The interviews are as predictable as spring — “But he was such a good kid.” … Read More