Believe It or Not-The Resurrection Was NOT on Sunday!

Hundreds of millions gather each “Easter” on mountain tops, in huge outdoor stadiums, and in churches all over the Christian professing world to observe a sunrise service. All suppose they are observing the moment of Christ’s resurrection. But the resurrection … Read More

Betrayal and Forgiveness

Why are we commanded to “afflict our souls” by fasting on the Day of Atonement? What is so solemn, so somber, about this day that it requires fasting? Here, from your own Bible, is the truth about the Day of Atonement. The … Read More

Christ in the Old Testament

Can Christ Be Preached From the Old Testament? But HOW, If It Is “Done Away”? The famous eunuch from Ethiopia was reading from the scroll of Isaiah when Philip was sent to him. Within only a few hours, the eunuch … Read More

Coming Soon-An Invasion from Space!

Believe it or not, this planet will be the scene of a MASSIVE INVASION FROM OUTER SPACE, probably within YOUR LIFETIME! The invasion will be preceded by the greatest wars in all history; by massive earthquakes wherein MILLIONS will be … Read More

Could Jesus Have Sinned?

Was Christ unable to sin? Was there no struggle involved in His 33 1/2 years of tabernacling in human flesh? Today, some are plunging into error, teaching that it was utterly impossible for Christ to commit sin. If this is true, then you and I have no Savior! Here is … Read More

The Real Jesus

Introduction: Meet the Real Jesus It’s time you met the real Jesus. It’s time you knew Him as He was: sometimes brusque, abrupt and authoritative. Always thoughtful, philosophical and profound. It’s time you knew that Jesus could be the kindest … Read More

The Real Reasons Why Christ Came To This Earth

Shocking? Yes, it is! Millions suppose Christ came to “save the world.” They believe He came to die for the sins of mankind, yet do not know what sin is. Millions think He came to establish the “Christian religion.” Almost no one … Read More

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