Saudi Arabia is in big trouble

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For more than one week, the House of Saud has been under fire for its ties to the United States and its crackdown on dissidents. First, U.S. President Donald Trump shared details of his most recent conversation with Saudi Arabia’s … Read More

Could Saudi Arabia Become the Middle East’s Next Failed State?

Ibn Khaldun—the famous Tunisian historian, geographer and social theorist—believed that decadence leads to collapse for Muslim dynasties. Such a scenario may be playing out with the Saudis, reports Daniel Lazare. Reports are growing that Muhammad bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s hyperactive … Read More

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman says Israel has a ‘right’ to homeland

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Saudi Arabia’s de facto leader has explicitly acknowledged Israel’s right to its own homeland, a first for a senior official from the kingdom. However, he also made a bizarre comparison between Hitler and Iran’s leader. Israel has a “right” to … Read More

How long can China stay out of Middle East politics?

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Walk through any airport in the Arabic-speaking world and one can’t help notice that there is a theme that pops up as frequently as the usual adverts for expensive watches and rather nice jewellery. One Belt, One Road, One Bank … Read More