Opinion The Iranian Threat and the Arab Peace Initiative

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We should consider the initiative a way to deal with the threat from Iran and its creation, Hezbollah. And if Iran opposed the foray, its isolation in the Arab and Muslim Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is right: Iran is the … Read More

Netanyahu ‘bigger problem’ in Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Trump

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US President Donald Trump (right) and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu US President Donald Trump has described Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the bigger anathema of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.  Both leaders of Israel and Palestine are problematic; however, … Read More

How Kurdish independence underpins Israel’s plan to reshape the Middle East

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A Kurdish man holds an Israeli and Kurdish flag during a rally to show their support for the upcoming September 25th independence referendum in Erbil, Iraq September 16, 2017. (Photo: REUTERS/AZAD LASHKARIG) Palestinians and Israelis watched last week’s referendum of … Read More

How long can China stay out of Middle East politics?

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Walk through any airport in the Arabic-speaking world and one can’t help notice that there is a theme that pops up as frequently as the usual adverts for expensive watches and rather nice jewellery. One Belt, One Road, One Bank … Read More

Is Germany Still a Haven for Israelis? After Election, Some Wonder

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany in 2014. Despite the gains made by the far right in the German elections, Mr. Netanyahu expressed confidence that Israel and Germany would only deepen their ties. CreditAmmar Awad/Reuters … Read More

Netanyahu at UN: Iran Must Know That Those Who Threaten Us With Annihilation Put Themselves in Peril

‘Fix or nix Iran deal – those who defend it forget about North Korea nuclear deal’ ‘We must speak the truth about Iran, who vows to destroy my country every day’ NEW YORK – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the … Read More

Trump, Netanyahu express hope for peace ahead of New York meeting

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(Photo credit) Reuters The US president and the Israeli prime minister sit side by side and express their hopes for a fruitful collaboration at UN meeting. US President Donald Trump expressed his faith in the success of future peace talks … Read More

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