Brexit: Theresa May ‘hopes’ UK will leave EU with a deal

Getty Images Theresa May has said she “sincerely hopes” the UK will leave the EU with a deal and she is still “working on” ensuring Parliament’s agreement. Arriving in Brussels, she said that she had “personal regret” over her request … Read More

‘Special place in hell’ for Brexiteers without plan – EU’s Tusk

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European Council President Donald Tusk slams British politicians who lobbied for the UK to exit the European economic bloc “without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it out safely.” EU Council President Donald Tusk and Irish Prime … Read More

Brexit deal IMPOSSIBLE: ‘Rigid’ EU were NEVER going to negotiate with UK claims professor

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NO-DEAL Brexit is currently looking “very likely” as the European Union are so “rigid” and “uncompromising” in their stance on the backstop, claims professor David Collins. Britain is beginning to see that it was “never really possible” to negotiate with … Read More

Parliament asserts that Britain shouldn’t leave E.U. without a deal, sends Theresa May back to Brussels

LONDON —  The British Parliament on Tuesday sought to assert control over Brexit, declaring its opposition to leaving the European Union without a deal and voting to send Prime Minister Theresa May back to Brussels to reopen talks with European leaders. … Read More

All across continent, preparations for a chaotic Brexit

PARIS — One by one, European Union nations are spending millions, hiring thousands of workers and issuing emergency decrees to cope with the increasingly likely possibility that Britain will leave the bloc on March 29 without a plan. A no-deal … Read More

France triggers ‘hard Brexit’ plan as no-deal exit is more and more likely

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Christophe Ena/Pool via REUTERS French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced on Thursday that the country’s plan to soften the impacts of a possible hard Brexit has been activated, including a €50 million investment programme to help ports and airports. The … Read More

Plans for “No-Deal” Brexit Proceed as Deadline Inches Closer

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With the March 29 deadline for Great Britain to leave the European Union looming, preparations for a possible “no deal” Brexit have begun. One hundred days now remain until the U.K. is scheduled sever its ties with the EU. The … Read More

Global desert: Drought turning the planet into a tinderbox

Drought is turning many areas of the globe into arid wastelands. Excessive heat has cost lives, ruined crops and created water shortages. The effects are being felt from South America to the Arctic Circle. Australia: ‘Land of drought’ Australian Prime … Read More

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