What Is Brexit? What Does ‘No-Deal’ Mean?

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Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Britain’s two main political parties are haggling over the nation’s withdrawal from the European Union, known as Brexit. The badly divided government is in crisis, unable to agree on an approach to the country’s biggest peacetime decision … Read More

Former Tory leader outlines plan to SAVE Brexit that is sure to INFURIATE Brussels

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BRITAIN could leave the EU on time if Theresa May reopened negotiations on the Irish backstop, according to a former Conservative leader. Lord Howard claimed the House of Commons would support Prime Minister’s deal on the condition she renegotiates the … Read More

Brexit: Theresa May ‘hopes’ UK will leave EU with a deal

Getty Images Theresa May has said she “sincerely hopes” the UK will leave the EU with a deal and she is still “working on” ensuring Parliament’s agreement. Arriving in Brussels, she said that she had “personal regret” over her request … Read More