As Trump closes US doors to migrants, Latin Americans look to Europe

Migrants from Honduras head north through Guatemala in January 2019. The difficulty and danger of the journey to the US is a factor in a rise in Latin American migrants heading for Europe. Photograph: Stringer/Reuters Venezuelans are behind only Syrians … Read More

EU’s Coast Guard ‘wants us to violate international law’ by returning migrants to war-torn Libya

The Italian NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans’ Alex migrant rescue ship carrying 46 migrants rescued off Libya coasts, docks in the port of Lampedusa UROPEAN authorities continued to neglect NGO migrant rescue ships adrift in the Mediterranean this weekend. The Alan … Read More

Austria’s Kurz Slams Charities for Bringing Migrants to Europe

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has criticized charities operating migrant rescue boats for encouraging people to embark on the perilous trip to Europe, in an interview out Sunday. “They only give false hopes and inadvertently put even … Read More

More than 1.44 million refugees will need resettlement in 2020, says UNHCR

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UNHCR: resettlement is a critical lifeline for refugees and needs strengthening According to latest estimates released today at an annual resettlement forum, hosted by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, more than 1.44 million refugees currently residing in over 60 refugee-hosting … Read More

Numbers of asylum seekers surge in Spain as Venezuelans take refuge in Europe

Refugees from crisis-hit Venezuela are driving up the number of asylum seekers in Europe according to the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) annual report findings According to Nina Gregori, the EASO’s new Executive Director, the number of asylum seekers increased by 11% in the … Read More

Britain sees an eight per cent rise in asylum seekers

37,730 asylum seekers came to the UK last year, new figures have revealed It is an eight percent increase on the 34,780 arrivals the previous year Iranians made up the highest percentage of ethnic groups at 11 percent Meanwhile across … Read More

Thousands of rejected migrants unable to return to their home countries

Photo: Justice ministry Thousands of rejected migrants are stuck in the Netherlands because their home countries have refused to take them back, according to figures from the repatriation service Dienst Terugkeer en Vertrek (DTV). The statistics, published by the Telegraaf … Read More

Immigrant overload, not Brexit, heralds the end of the European Union

Niall Ferguson says Europe is becoming ‘the meltdown pot’ as a steadily increasing stream of immigrants breaks down political unity between EU member states and pushes voters back to national boundaries. Matteo Salvini speaks during an anti-immigration protest in October … Read More

Germany passes controversial migration law

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer | John MacDougall/AFP via Getty Images The policy package both facilitates deportation of failed asylum seekers and migrants’ access to the labor market. BERLIN — Germany on Friday passed a controversial package of bills bringing major … Read More

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