Libyan PM warns 800,000 migrants could arrive in Europe if instability in the country continues

Libya’s government is asking for help to stop a rival group’s offensive on Tripoli  The government is warning that the offensive could displace 800,000 Libyans  These refugees, and 400 ISIS prisoners, could then flee to Europe in the carnage Libya … Read More

German far right capitalises on high-profile migrant crimes

“Refugees are bringing crime into our town,” an election leaflet declares — an example of how Germany’s far-right feeds its narrative of a country threatened by more than a million new arrivals. Alternative for Germany (AfD) hopes the strategy that … Read More

Weekly Update by Mark Armstrong – 12 April 2019

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Greetings from Tyler, It’s a rare day when even the mainstream news contains something to celebrate. The re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel definitely falls into that category. The previous election saw the former president send his … Read More

Paris NGOs warn asylum seekers are becoming invisible

More than 200 asylum seekers from Afghanistan, South Sudan and Eritrea live in tents at Porte d’Aubervilliers in northern Paris. -RFI/Mike Woods The European refugee crisis of recent years has waned, but French humanitarian workers say there are just as … Read More

‘Dangerous period’ for Europe: Hungary says suspected ISIS fighter found with EU debit card

Global Look Press / Monika Skolimowska ; © AFP / Ahmad Al-Rubaye A suspected Islamic State terrorist, who sought asylum in Europe, reportedly received a prepaid debit card meant for refugees from the European Union. The incident reflects a dangerous … Read More

EU citizens most concerned about outer borders and migration

Poll of 46,000 people finds that many want tighter controls on outer EU borders. The protocol entrance of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The survey of people in 14 countries showed concern about employment (20 per cent), cost of living … Read More

Over 1,000 refugee children vanish from Dutch centres in five years

Photo: MPs have called for a full investigation after it emerged over 1,000 refugee children, mostly teenagers disappeared from protected refugee centres in the Netherlands between 2013 and 2017. The figures come from research by radio programme Argos which … Read More

Study: Sexual Torture Widespread for Migrants Seeking Europe

Rescuers transfer migrants rescued by an oil rig supply ship to the Aquarius vessel of SOS Mediterranee and MSF (Doctors Without Borders) NGOs, in the Mediterranean Sea, north of Libyan coast, on Aug. 30, 2017 (Darko Bandic/AP Photo) PARIS—Migrants trying … Read More

Widespread Misery: The EU Continues to Erode The Rights of Refugees

By the beginning of 2018, nearly 13 million Syrians were displaced. Photo: Nikolay Doychinovnikolay, AFP Millions of refugees – mostly from Syria – have poured into Turkey since the outset of its Southern neighbor’s bloody civil war in 2011. And though the … Read More

Here’s what the European Union did to stop migrants from coming

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AGADEZ, Niger — In four years, Europe has cut down its illegal migration flow by almost 90 percent from its peak in 2015, and it has countries like Niger to thank for the dramatic drop. For years, migrants from West African countries … Read More

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