A new supervolcano is brewing under Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire

A Google Earth view showing Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, under which an unexpected large blob of molten magma has been detected. (Credit: Google Earth, News.com.au) Something unexpected has been gradually making itself known to geologists in the United States. … Read More

Yellowstone Hotspot: Scientists Find Source Of Supervolcano’s Heat

Researchers used seismic tomography to find Yellowstone’s hotspot suspected to be part of a mantle plume originating from Earth’s mantle and core boundary. “Stealing” the supervolcano’s heat may prevent the next Yellowstone eruption.  ( Mark Ralston | AFP/Getty Images ) A giant … Read More

The Yellowstone supervolcano is a disaster waiting to happen

A caldera-forming volcano supplies the heat for the hydrothermal features in Yellowstone National Park. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post) Yellowstone National Park sits squarely over a giant, active volcano. This requires attention. Yellowstone has been a national park since 1872, but … Read More

Yellowstone volcano eruption: Steamboat geyser starts to BLOW underneath supervolcano

YELLOWSTONE could be erupting from underground after experts recorded signs of activity from a powerful geyser in the national park which is home to a terrifying super volcano. Experts at Yellowstone National Park claim to have seen the Steamboat Geyser … Read More

Vesuvius ERUPTION WARNING: Europe’s supervolcano threatening – it’s ‘boiling’

Research shows that a bubbling mass of magma “like a boiling pot of soup” is building beneath the Campi Flegrei volcano, western Naples – after decades of inactivity. The 24 crater, 90 square mile supervolcano is more “dangerous” than before. … Read More

Evidence Of Vast Mantle Plume Discovered Stretching From The Yellowstone Supervolcano To Mexico

The supervolcano may have last erupted 630,000 years ago, but its presence still strikes fear in some and it’s easy to see why. Yes, the caldera is changing shape. Sure, eruptions might prime over just a few decades. Alright, there was that earthquake swarm last … Read More