Yellowstone Hotspot: Scientists Find Source Of Supervolcano’s Heat

Researchers used seismic tomography to find Yellowstone’s hotspot suspected to be part of a mantle plume originating from Earth’s mantle and core boundary. “Stealing” the supervolcano’s heat may prevent the next Yellowstone eruption.  ( Mark Ralston | AFP/Getty Images ) A giant … Read More

The Yellowstone supervolcano is a disaster waiting to happen

A caldera-forming volcano supplies the heat for the hydrothermal features in Yellowstone National Park. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post) Yellowstone National Park sits squarely over a giant, active volcano. This requires attention. Yellowstone has been a national park since 1872, but … Read More

Yellowstone volcano eruption: ‘Life or death’ prep for supervolcano emergency underway

MORE than 20 police, fire and rescue vehicles descended upon the area around Yellowstone supervolcano this week to prepare for what could be a “life or death” emergency. Yellowstone National Park Public Affairs confirmed that there could be a supervolcano … Read More

‘Yellowstone is RUMBLING again!’ Super volcano eruption fears grow as mini quakes hit

YELLOWSTONE is showing signs of activity once more as earthquakes beneath the potentially catastrophic volcano continue to strike. In the last week, there have been four tremors in and around the Yellowstone volcano. Minor earthquakes occur in the Yellowstone area … Read More

Yellowstone super volcano: Spate of quakes reveal a restless beast

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AN OMINOUS swarm of two hundred earthquakes has been detected beneath the notorious Yellowstone supervolcano, revealing just how volatile it is. SOMETHING is causing the Yellowstone supervolcano to stir in it sleep. A swarm of some 200 earthquakes has been … Read More