Russia Unlikely to Stay Neutral if U.S. and Iran Go to War

Frode Bjorshol / Flickr (CC BY 2.0) Russia’s Middle East policy is marked with balancing acts that secure the country’s role as an agile and effective balancing power. The fall of the Islamic Republic could undermine Moscow’s capacity for balancing … Read More

Russia says will retaliate new US sanctions

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In this file photo, taken on July 16, 2018, US President Donald Trump (L) and Russian President Vladimir Putin are seen arriving for a meeting in Helsinki, Finland. (By AFP) Russia says it will retaliate against the recent sanctions imposed … Read More

US, Russia Vie Over the Future of Venezuela

The crisis in Venezuela is only getting worse by the week. And with Russian backing, it looks less likely that dictator Nicolas Maduro will step aside. Ana Quintana of The Heritage Foundation explains what’s at stake, and what’s going on. … Read More

Kremlin: Russia is ready to negotiate nuclear disarmament

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Russian Presidential Aide responsible for international affairs, Yuri Ushakov, commented on the United States President Donald Trump’s statements, who urged Moscow and Beijing to abandon nuclear weapons, and noted that, the U.S. themselves would like to reach such agreement. “First … Read More

Putin And Kim Announce The U.S. Is Irrelevant

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The summit between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un is over. And their message was clear. The U.S. is welcome at the negotiating table but they are not necessary to resolving the situation. Russia, however, is. Kim went to Vladivostok to build … Read More

Russia warns U.S. to not ‘look for excuses to start a new conflict’ after report claims Iran Killed 600 U.S. soldiers

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Moscow expressed skepticism toward Washington’s recent allegations that Iran was behind the deaths over 600 U.S. troops in Iraq and warned against launching any new wars in the Middle East. During a Tuesday press briefing at the State Department, Brian … Read More

America is waking up to the critical threat that is Russia

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A new Gallup poll released this week suggests that 52 percent of Americans regard the Russian military as a critical threat to U.S. interests. Those respondents are correct. A plurality of Americans, 32 percent, view Russia as our “greatest enemy today,” a stark … Read More

Putin threatens to target West with new missiles

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The Kremlin is reportedly deeply concerned by the fall in Putin’s personal approval ratings in  – Alexander NEMENOV (AFP) Kremlin is reportedly deeply concerned by the fall in his personal approval ratings in recent months Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to … Read More

‘War Between Russia and US Would Be a Disaster for Humanity’ – Lavrov

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In 2018, Russia’s relations with Western countries severely deteriorated against the backdrop of numerous scandals and sanctions. In an interview with Sputnik on the eve of 2019, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, spoke about whether we should wait for further alienation, about Moscow’s possible response to Washington … Read More

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