Heading for Re-union?

While both Korean leaders are leaving personal egos aside to keep the peace process on top, it looks that they have a cue of Vietnamese re-union, which suits to Korean Peace process It may emerge as the major political development … Read More

Donald Trump Signs Renegotiated Trade Agreement with South Korea

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President Donald Trump signed a new free trade agreement with South Korea on Monday, celebrating it as a major achievement for his administration. “From day one I promised the American people that I would renegotiate our trade deals to ensure … Read More

How South Koreans Are Reckoning With a Changing American Military Presence

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Media coverage in Seoul of President Donald Trump meeting with Kim Jong-un of North Korea in June.CreditAhn Young-Joon/Associated Press In late June, Gen. Vincent Brooks, commander of United States Forces Korea, addressed a large uniformed crowd at an outdoor ceremony … Read More

US and North Korea’s political games threaten to overshadow the Olympics

(CNN)South Korea may be touting the Winter Games, which begin on Friday, as the “Peace Olympics,” but that hasn’t stopped the US and North Korea seeking to score political points against each other. In a move sure to annoy Pyongyang, … Read More