Brexit: the deed is [almost] done

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I would have preferred our exit from the European Parliament yesterday to have been done with dignity. But Farage and his ghastly crew don’t do dignity, preferring instead to break the EP rules by waving national flags in the chamber … Read More

Boris Johnson is edging closer towards agreeing a new Brexit deal

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The Democratic Unionist Party which props up the Conservative government is willing to drop one of its strict Brexit red lines, according to reports. The Northern Irish party is reportedly willing to accept a regulatory border in the Irish sea. … Read More

Brexit tears through UK’s political landscape

LONDON — The perpetual Brexit revolution rolls on. After yet another night of unexpected electoral drama, each and every side of the never-ending Brexit debate — leave now, leave somehow or leave never — was quick out of the blocks … Read More

Former Tory leader outlines plan to SAVE Brexit that is sure to INFURIATE Brussels

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BRITAIN could leave the EU on time if Theresa May reopened negotiations on the Irish backstop, according to a former Conservative leader. Lord Howard claimed the House of Commons would support Prime Minister’s deal on the condition she renegotiates the … Read More