U.S. is closer to nuclear war with North Korea than ever before, retired Adm. Mike Mullen says

The United States is closer to nuclear war with North Korea than ever before, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said Sunday. “We’re actually closer, in my view, to a nuclear war with North Korea and in … Read More

Analysis Iran Spends Billions on Proxy Wars Throughout the Mideast. Here’s Where Its Money Is Going

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The debate taking place behind closed doors in Tehran seems to have spilled out onto the streets: whether to save the money for the stagnant economy at home The protest wave began, according to Iranian sources, in the city of … Read More

Analysis The Time-bomb That May Set Off the Next Israel-Hamas War Is Ticking in Gaza

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The ongoing crisis between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority could lead Hamas’ chief to launch an offensive against Israel Despite the renewed rocket and mortar fire from the Gaza Strip and growing criticism from the opposition, the government apparently doesn’t … Read More

Russia accused of aiding North Korea with 100 MILLION gallon oil transfers at sea

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RUSSIA has denied breaking UN sanctions against North Korea by transferring fuel to the regime’s tankers at sea.A statement from the foreign ministry said Russia had “fully and strictly observed the sanctions regime” introduced in a bid to curb Kim … Read More

California’s largest ever fire was a force that could not be stopped

The fire left the mountains ghostly gray, vast slopes frozen still but for dust devils wandering the ash. Fire crews were conducting a last big operation in the high country, burning a ridge above Hartman Ranch to keep the main … Read More

Germany’s Angela Merkel declares Europe top priority for new govt

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Agence France-Presse Chancellor Angela Merkel will tell Germans that European cooperation is “the decisive question of the coming years” in a New Year’s Eve broadcast Sunday, as her conservatives eye tricky coalition talks. Merkel will say that “27 states in … Read More

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