Iran’s Revolutionary Guards claim protests over

(CNN)The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said Wednesday that a string of anti-government protests were over after six days of unrest. In comments to the semiofficial Fars news agency, Mohammad Ali Jafari said that only 15,000 people had turned out … Read More

Analysis Iran Spends Billions on Proxy Wars Throughout the Mideast. Here’s Where Its Money Is Going

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The debate taking place behind closed doors in Tehran seems to have spilled out onto the streets: whether to save the money for the stagnant economy at home The protest wave began, according to Iranian sources, in the city of … Read More

Thousands of people take part in anti-government protests in cities across Iran

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Thousands of people have taken part in anti-government demonstrations in cities across Iran, with protesters calling for money to be spent on Iranians rather than the conflicts in other countries. Political protests are rare in Iran and these demonstrations, which … Read More

Islamic State claims responsibility for deadly attacks in Kabul

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  The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the simultaneous attack on an Afghanistan news agency and a Shiite cultural center in Kabul that left at least 35 dead and 56 wounded. The terror group said in a statement through its … Read More

Syrian, Iranian backed forces advance in border area near Israel

AMMAN – 26 December 2017: Syrian army forces backed by Iranian-backed militias pushed deeper into the last rebel-held enclave near a strategic border area with Israel and Lebanon in a new expansion of Tehran’s influence in the war-torn country. The … Read More

After ISIS campaign, Iran-backed fighters in Iraq vow to drive out US troops

  BAGHDAD –  Now that they’ve helped vanquish the Islamic State from much of Iraq, a battle-hardened militia with close ties to Iran may be training its sights on the remaining U.S.-led coalition troops scattered across the country. At least … Read More

Essam Yousef calls on forces and factions to unite for sake of Jerusalem

ericas, Israel, Middle East, News, Palestine, US Head of the Popular International Committee to Support Gaza, Essam Yousef [File photo] Head of the Popular International Committee to Support, Essam Yousef, called on all Palestinian forces and factions to unite for the sake of Jerusalem at … Read More

Haley vows to give ‘irrefutable evidence’ Iran ‘violated international obligations’

Nikki Haley, the United States ambassador to the United Nations, is set to lay out Thursday what the Trump administration claims is “irrefutable evidence that Iran has deliberately violated its international obligations and has tried and failed to cover up … Read More

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