There Are More Dollars in Venezuela Now Than There Are Bolivars

A person holds U.S. dollars and Venezuelan bolivares in Caracas. , Bloomberg (Bloomberg) — The U.S. dollar has extended its dominance in Venezuela as locals increasingly turn to the greenback for even the smallest of purchases. Physical dollars now account … Read More

Gold is making a comeback to the world financial system

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LAST year, 22 central banks, situated largely to the east of Germany, bought the largest amount of gold since 1967 – the year that the London Gold Pool collapsed. The gold repatriations by many European countries of the last few … Read More

Dollar edges higher on trade tensions, Swedish crown rises after vote

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The Swedish crown strengthened after an election in the country on Sunday that saw support for the nationalist Sweden Democrats surge. An emerging market currency index dipped more than 0.4 percent on Monday after booking its biggest weekly loss in … Read More