Dallas preps ‘mega-shelter’ as Texas braces for more rain

Houston (CNN) Harvey is no longer a hurricane, but life-threatening flooding continued in and around Houston on Sunday night as citizens with boats assisted authorities in search and rescue efforts. Flooding from Tropical Storm Harvey is overburdening resources in the … Read More

FT: Ukraine crisis will ‘cripple’ Russia-U.S. relations, envoy warns

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U.S.-Russian relations will be “crippled” unless a solution is found to the Ukraine crisis, the newly appointed U.S. envoy on the country has warned, dashing any hopes Moscow may still harbor for rapprochement under Donald Trump’s presidency, according to the … Read More

Netanyahu says Israel won’t retreat on Jewish settlements: ‘We are here to stay forever’

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Days after meeting a White House delegation to discuss restarting peace negotiations with the Palestinians, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu forcefully spoke out against a principal tenet of any likely agreement: the scaling back of Jewish settlements. At an event … Read More

Britain will be vulnerable to terrorists after Brexit, claims lead EU negotiator as he stokes security fears

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The European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator has warned that Britain’s security will suffer after it leaves the EU in an apparent rebuke to British Prime Minister Theresa May. Writing in the French newspaper Le Monde, Michel Barnier said Brexit “will … Read More

‘Brits have NO IDEA what they want’ German expert in shock attack on UK’s Brexit demands

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Michael Huether, from the German Institute for Economic Research, said British officials “haven’t achieved anything” in negotiations so far. In a shock attack, he claimed they lack “strategic skills” and are unsure whether to pursue a hard or soft Brexit … Read More

Hurricane Harvey in Photographs

Harvey, the storm that swept into Texas as a Category 4 hurricane over the weekend, continued its relentless devastation in Houston on Sunday as catastrophic flooding forced evacuations and emergency responders asked the public to donate their boats to aid … Read More

Iran warns against US ‘intervention’ in IAEA affairs

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Iranian officials have urged the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) not to give in to the pressures from the United States pertaining to Iran’s international nuclear deal reached in 2015. Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that any move of … Read More

North Korea likely tested a weapon that could start a Second Korean War

Question: Why didn’t President Bill Clinton in 1994—when the North Korean nuclear menace was still in its infancy—destroy Pyongyang’s atomic program before it would transform into the existential threat it is today? Simple. He risked the possibility that the Kim … Read More

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