Trump Administration Diverts $3.6 Billion From Military Projects To Border Wall

Workers break ground on new border wall construction about 20 miles west of Santa Teresa, N.M., last month. The Trump administration has started the arduous process of canceling $3.6 billion in military construction projects to fund its plans to build … Read More

Russia’s Hypersonic Nuke Is a Warning to America

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“Avangard launches atop a rocket before separating and gliding toward its target at an altitude just below the upper limit of the atmosphere and a velocity 20 times the speed of sound or faster. No existing U.S. missile defense system … Read More

Trump says Russia should be reinstated in group of leading industrialized nations

Quebec City (CNN)President Donald Trump said Friday that Russia should be reinstated to a leading group of industrialized nations ahead of his visit to the G7 summit this weekend. Trump’s statement is an extraordinary break from key US allies, and … Read More

Pentagon braces for emboldened Iran after Syria gains

ARTICLE SUMMARY The Pentagon’s top commander in the Middle East told lawmakers today that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s gains in the yearslong civil war will bolster Iran’s ability to frustrate US aims in the region.  REUTERS/Omar Sanadiki A Syrian army … Read More

US ‘outgunned & outmatched’ by Russia in Europe, admits top general seeking budget increase

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FILE PHOTO: A convoy of US troops near Warsaw, Poland. © Kacper Pempel / Reuters US troops in the Baltic countries would be “outranged, outgunned and outmatched” by Russians in case of a conflict, the head of the US European … Read More