Neo-Nazi scandal hits German elite military unit

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The Bundeswehr is set to suspend an officer in an elite military unit over suspected ties to right-wing extremism. Two fellow soldiers have also been accused of flashing the Hitler salute. A new neo-Nazi scandal has erupted in the German … Read More

Germany Won’t Enlist in Macron’s European Army

GRANSEE, GERMANY – JUNE 19: German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron address the media during a joint press conference at Schloss Meseberg governmental palace during German-French government consultations on June 19, 2018 near Gransee, Germany. Merkel, Macron … Read More

German, US armies strive for ‘integrated’ operations by 2027

U.S. Army and German Bundeswehr officers address journalists during the Allied Spirit X international military exercise near Hohenfels, Germany, in April 2019. (Lennart Preiss/Getty Images) COLOGNE, Germany — The chiefs of staff of the armies of the United States and … Read More

Germany could join a military alliance with the US, UK, and France if Syria tries another chemical attack

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A German air force Tornado jet takes off from the German army Bundeswehr airbase in Jagel, northern Germany December 10, 2015. REUTERS/Fabian Bimmer Germany is exploring the possibility of joining a military alliance with the US, France, and the United Kingdom … Read More

German army mulls recruiting foreign EU nationals to boost recruitment

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While both governing parties supported the idea, the SPD said that citizenship must be given to new soldiers to avoid the risk of it becoming a mercenary army. Germany’s long-understaffed army has a new plan to boost recruitment: allowing foreigners … Read More

German military draws up €450 million wish list

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Germany’s underequipped military, the Bundeswehr, wants to spend hundreds of millions on new weapons. Some of the money will go toward leasing drones from Israel, but first the government needs a new budget. As criticism grows that Germany’s military hardware … Read More