German Finance Minister Says Gov’t Must Reject Facebook’s Libra Coin

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German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz stated that policymakers cannot accept parallel currencies such as Facebook’s proposed Libra stablecoin. Prevent stablecoins from becoming alternative currencies As reported by Reuters, on Sept. 17, German Vice-Chancellor and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said during a … Read More

Worries on the horizon for Angela Merkel

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From climate change and trembling spells to a trembling government, German Chancellor Angela Merkel faces many challenges as she returns to office post-vacation. Chancellor Angela Merkel sat down on Wednesday as she welcomed Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda in Berlin to the tune of military … Read More

Merkel ally calls for Europe to go it alone in the Gulf

Britain has already deployed the destroyer, HMS Duncan, to protect shipping from seizure by Iran – CREDIT: LA(PHOTO) BEN SUTTON/MOD/PA A key ally of Angela Merkel has called for Europe to set up its own naval task force in the … Read More

German army to get €4-billion spending boost

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The German army is set to benefit from a multibillion-euro spending increase, according to Finance Minister Olaf Scholz’s draft defense budget. Germany has been under pressure to contribute more as a NATO partner. Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that Germany will … Read More

German government clashes over defense spending

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Angela Merkel’s government is stuck in an internal row over Germany’s defense spending. In his new budget, Social Democat Finance Minister Olaf Scholz offered a much lower increase than the Defense Ministry had wanted. Germany’s freshly-minted Finance Minister Olaf Scholz … Read More

Do Angela Merkel and Germany have a joint future?

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The new German government is in operation since a few weeks now but there is trouble brewing afoot in Berlin. Unexpectedly, the right wing AfD is pretty quiet at the time. The CSU remains the arsonist Those who have hoped … Read More

Merkel 4.0: Top priorities of Germany’s new government

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Here’s a look at the main priorities set out in their coalition agreement, which will guide policy-making for the next four years. BERLIN: Angela Merkel finally begins her fourth term as chancellor Wednesday, ending nearly six months of political deadlock … Read More