Nationwide register for anti-Semitic offenses in Germany – commissioner

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Germany’s incoming anti-Semitism commissioner is to establish a central register for anti-Jewish crime. Meanwhile in the Bundestag, MPs condemned anti-Semitism and stressed Germany’s friendship with Israel. Felix Klein, Germany’s first anti-Semitism commissioner told public radio that in order to better … Read More

Solidarity with Israel central to German foreign policy, new FM says

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Ahead of maiden trip to the region, Heiko Maas reiterates commitment to Jewish state’s security, notes 70th anniversary of independence. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas takes the oath of office after the new government was appointed after German Chancellor Angela … Read More

What does today’s German Election mean for Israel?

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–Netanyahu sets policy: We won’t meet diplomats who meet with Breaking the Silence –Jewish groups: Fire German official who called pro-Israelis ‘traitors’ An objective observer can fathom why German elections matter for Israel.  German and Israeli national flags . (photo … Read More