Schulz leaves Germany in CHAOS as resignation puts Merkel at bigger risk of new election

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ANGELA Merkel’s hopes of finally stitching together a coalition government in Germany have been thrown into chaos after civil war broke out amongst her Social Democrat allies following the resignation of their leader Martin Schulz. Schulz quits as SPD leader … Read More

Germany centre-left, conservative coalition talks drag into third day

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BERLIN: Coalition talks between Germany’s centre-left and conservative parties were still going on Wednesday morning, as Chancellor Angela Merkel negotiated through the night to break four months of paralysis in Berlin. Merkel and Social Democratic Party (SPD) leader Martin Schulz … Read More

Germany coalition vote PASSED: Merkel survives another day as SPD back Schulz

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The SPD gathered in Bonn today to decide whether to start formal coalition talks with Angela Merkel’s conservatives, a move which would bring Europe’s economic powerhouse one step closer to a stable government. Leader Martin Schulz faced a strong backlash … Read More

Germany coalition talks: Merkel welcomes breakthrough

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Image AFP Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz stressed the need for social cohesion German politicians have achieved a breakthrough in talks aimed at forming a new coalition government. A blueprint for formal negotiations was agreed between Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian … Read More

Multiculturalism is only an illusion

In an interview with German newspaper Bild, Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban called the migrant crisis an invasion. He said: “We do not consider these people to be Muslim refugees, we regard them as Muslim invaders.” “One has to cross four countries to … Read More

Merkel Courts Germany’s Skittish SPD as Talks Open on Government

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Chancellor Angela Merkel attends the weekly cabinet meeting at the Chancellery in Berlin, Germany, December 13, 2017. REUTERS/Axel Schmidt Reuters BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) held their first formal talks on forming a government with Angela Merkel’s conservatives on … Read More

Germany’s Merkel presses for quick move toward new coalition

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BERLIN German Chancellor Angela Merkel pushed Monday for quick movement toward a new governing alliance with the main center-left party, saying that only such a coalition will bring the “stable government” needed at a challenging time for Europe. Merkel stressed … Read More

Merkel Says EU Won’t Decide on Turkey’s Membership Bid at Upcoming Summit

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that European Union leaders meeting next week for a summit will discuss deteriorated relations with Turkey but fall short of making a decision on its EU membership bid.  “We definitely won’t make a decision,” the … Read More

Far-right AfD’s surge worries Muslim refugees in Germany

The strong performance of the populist Alternative for Germany party in Sunday’s election has worried Afghan and other Muslim migrants. They fear that AfD’s anti-immigration agenda may make life harder for them. The entry of the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) in … Read More

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