Angela Merkel: 70 percent of Germany is getting coronavirus, and there’s not much we can do

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Pessimistic. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was blunt Wednesday in her assessment of how coronavirus will impact her nation: A vast majority of people in Germany will get coronavirus, and there is little or nothing anyone can do about that right now. … Read More

Hanau Shootings Highlight Rise of Far-Right Extremism in Germany

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Candles are placed around the Brothers Grimm monument during a vigil for the victims of a shooting in Hanau, near Frankfurt, Germany, Feb. 20, 2020. Hesse’s state Premier Volker Bouffier speaks during a news conference following a shooting in Hanau … Read More

Germany: Number of right-wing extremists rose by a third in 2019

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German authorities identified over 32,200 right-wing extremists in 2019, according to a report. Much of the rise has to do with authorities counting groups affiliated with the far-right AfD for the first time. The number of right-wing extremists active in Germany rose … Read More

Germany’s Merkel Won’t Interfere in Choice of Party Leader

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she won’t try to interfere with her center-right party’s choice of a new leader and its candidate to succeed her at the helm of the government. German Chancellor Angela Merkel addresses the media as part … Read More

Angela Merkel’s conservatives, far-right AfD punished in German state vote

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A poster depicting Bjoern Hoecke of Alternative for Germany (AfD) and reading “Never again” is pictured outside the Midnight Shisha bar in Hanau, near Frankfurt, Germany, February 22, 2020. Projected results indicated that AfD would be ejected from the Hamburg … Read More

Confidence in NATO sharply declined in France, Germany, US, says study

Participants sit in front of the NATO logo during a NATO summit. [EPA/MAURIZIO GAMBARINI] NATO’s public image in France, Germany and the US worsened sharply after US President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron questioned the value of the … Read More

Germany plans to create jet fuel from water

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Scientists are developing a version of green kerosene to sustainably power the aviation and heating sectors. The green kerosene being created is derived from water and pulls carbon dioxide out of the air during creation, but it requires lots of … Read More

Post-war ‘taboo broken’ as far right becomes German state kingmaker

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Berlin: A German state premier was elected with the support of the nationalist Alternative for Germany and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives on Wednesday, shattering the post-war consensus among established parties of shunning the far right. Thomas Kemmerich, a little-known liberal Free … Read More

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